I was wrong...

Friday, January 4, 2013

I guess life had other plans. My 11 days I thought we'd be frolicking in the snow and making memories has been spent horribly, awful, terrible sick. All of us. :/ We are like a never ending pit of germs. We have made some memories though...

* Kynzee refuses to take medicine.. so I had to force it down her throat and she puked down my shirt. That was good times.

* Karston has wiped more questionable green stuff on me than I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. But makes for some serious hand washing. My hands have never been cleaner.

*Kambrie has had such a high fever that I'm pretty sure she's gone delirious. When that happens she usually shouts at me in something resembling German. Scares me every time, but then it ends in me laughing hysterically while I'm trying to get the Motrin bottle open.

See? Memories can be made even in the worst of circumstances. So whether we spend the remaining days laughing or puking.. or puking AND THEN laughing.. doesn't matter. At least we're together. Germs and all.

This picture is a couple months old... but I thought it fit perfectly with how our "memory making" has gone.


Malissa said...

Aw man! Everyone seems to be getting sick right now. I have 4 boys and my 3 youngest all got RSV and ear infections at the same time. Nothing like antibiotics twice a day for 3 boys for 10 days. The life of a mom with young kids. Hang in there :) glad you're smiling!

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