Monday, November 25, 2013

Lots of changes in the Dixon family.
We almost moved to Iowa..
and then Virginia was a possibility..
then we some how ended up in Texas.
All I know is there is no mistaking we are where we were supposed to be. The past year has brought us so many trials. However, the blessings that have come from those trials are too many to be counted.
I sadly had to leave the Huntsman behind when we moved. My new hospital is MD Anderson, 4hours away from where we live. Leaving my doctors at the Huntsman was an extremely hard decision. I grew to love them so much and I trust them immensely. Hopefully my new hospital will be just as wonderful.
Anyways, here we are. A new place, new friends, new job, new school, new everything. A fresh start is hard when we loved Utah so very, very much. There are so many that we owe so much to that we said goodbye to. So to ALL of you, our family, our many friends, neighbors, ward and last but not least.. Cache Valley for Hope, THANK YOU!! Thank you for helping us in every way possible, for the babysitting, the meals, the hugs, the kind words, the donations, the support and the love. Our lives are better because of you. We love you all.
And it's not goodbye. It's see you later. :)
XOXO from Texas 

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