Scars and Hair

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My scar is looking better and better. 
My eye is still paralyzed though. 
Putting on makeup is quite the task.. 
I have to hold my eyelid up to put mascara on... and then hold it up until it dries. Otherwise I end up with a big black eye :) 
I keep waking up thinking, 'This is the day I'll be able to move my eye!"
Nope. Hasn't happened yet. Still holding onto hope though. 

I did chop my hair off in preparation for chemo. 
Not only is it going to fall out.. in the mean time it was beginning to become a huge hassle. 
Wearing it in a messy bun daily was giving me a rats nest on the top of my head. 
I still miss my long hair horribly.
Upside is now I can wash, blow dry and curl my hair in the time it used to take me just to blow dry it. 
So that part makes my life much easier. 

Ps. Emu oil is still working wonders on my scar! Just sayin'... :)


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