Saturday, December 22, 2012

I am one lucky person. I have amazing sisters. One sister, 2 step sisters and 6 sister in laws. I love every single one of them and they all bring so much to my life.

When I was first diagnosed with cancer I was devastated. I called my sisters Alyssa and Taylor and cried. A lot. I'm sure they were sick of it... So they jumped on a plane and flew to me. ;) You never know how much someone just being there means until something like this hits you. I just wanted my sisters. They came and we shopped, laughed, cried, ate and had so much fun. Just them sitting next to me meant so much. To know that I didn't have to face this alone was comforting. And the great thing about sisters is they didn't always say the typical things. They cried with me. They let me be scared. They admitted they were scared too and they validated the way I felt. I wish so badly they lived closer. That I could see them everyday. But even from states away they are two of my biggest supporters. To have sisters like them is to be blessed.

8 years ago I slipped on ice and gave myself a severe head injury in the middle of no where. Alyssa drug me through several feet of snow for like a mile to get me help. I'm probably alive today only because of her. So guess what Lys? If you can drag me through that... You can drag me through this :)

When I have a bad day I am lucky to have so many sisters to call. Started out with 1 and ended up with 9... Now that is blessed. Although I'm starting to worry some of them will disown me if I ask them to babysit anymore ;)

"When sisters stand shoulder to shoulder who stands a chance against us?" Pam Brown
-the answer is not cancer. Most definitely not cancer.


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