Santa is real!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

At least the idea of him. This year I was overwhelmed by how many people wanted to make our Christmas amazing. The true spirit of Christmas was in no short supply in our home this year. We were surrounded with love like we've never known before. I am in total awe of these strangers who so willingly give. Who come to my door with a smile on their face and seem as though I'm making their day wonderful by accepting their gifts. It was incredible. To all of our Secret Santa's.. I could never thank you enough. You not only brought so much needed joy to my children... You also made mom and dad so relieved because we hadn't had much time to even think about Christmas. It all kind of came on fast and I never had to stress about one thing. So as I sat there on Christmas morning and watched my very excited kids open their presents I got tears in my eyes.

I cried because I was so very thankful and hoped you knew. I cried because I have realized that it's much harder to be the receiver than it is the giver. I cried because we mattered to someone. I cried because there are so, so many good people in this world. And those good people went out of their way for me. I cried because for the first time in my life I felt the Spirit of Christmas so strongly it was almost as though I could touch it. It was that real. Whoever you are, we love you and have said many prayers of thanks for all you did. If I can't tell you to your face, I hope you read my blog! You have forever touched our hearts.

Wishing a very Merry (a day late) Christmas to all. I so wish I could have blessed all your Christmas' like mine was. I wish I was in a position to be like the kind strangers who gave so much to us. Maybe someday. But it's not even about the gifts. It's about how they made us feel. Loved, special, like we mattered and a sense of peace since I could focus on recovering and not stress about wrapping and shopping. They made me feel so very blessed. And you can't wrap that. And those truly are the best gifts of all.

Merry Christmas!

Ps. Karston is in none of the pictures because he was super sick :/ he was a party pooper this year!!


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