Monday, December 3, 2012

And I don't mean rain. 
I mean blessings. So many of them. 
Almost so many I don't know what to do with them. 
Person after person has shared our story. 
People who have never met me have shared my story. 
The blessings literally poured in all day that I feel so overwhelmed. (In a good way) 
How do you adequately say thank you to so many people without it sounding generic? 
How do you explain to them how deeply their kindness has touched your heart? 
I have yet to find the best way. 
But please know that every single thing matters. 
All the donations, the messages, the shares, the likes, the hard work, the gifts, the care packages, the phone calls, texts, and most of all the love. 

We never thought we'd be here. It's not something you imagine for yourself. And there are days where I do feel down. But all of you make it nearly impossible! ;) The love that has come our way since this all started is astounding. The support is something I never expected. I guess cancer has surprised me. It is such a horrible thing but so much good has come from it. We have been forever changed. We've been humbled, given more compassion and shown what's truly important in our lives. I am so appreciative and indebted to all of you. 

Tonight I will go to bed not asking, "Why me?" But instead counting my many blessings. And all of you will be at the top of my list. THANK YOU!


Sheena said...

One of my family members runs a funding jar, you can find them on FB. Basically its an online service to help you raise money and they have had so many people respond its been wonderful! Here is the link if you would like to share your story there. Best wishes! http://www.facebook.com/FundingJar

Shari U said...

I love your attitude, Brittany and I'm sure it will serve you well! I continue to pray for you every single day. I've known your dad for a long long time and even my aunt and your grandma were girlhood friends. Much love to you & yours.

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