My Mama

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My mom is here... And that basically means all is right with the world.
Yes, I'm 27... But I still feel 100 times better if my mom can rub my back or feel my forehead. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I need my mom. Now more than ever. I am so glad she's here!

My mom is amazing. I love every piece of her. How she thinks Neosporin cures everything, how she wears holiday socks year round, how her laugh always cheers me up, how she still brushes my hair out of my eyes and how I grew up and realized she's my best friend.

She's the first person I call on a good day and a bad day. I can tell her absolutely anything and she still loves me.

Somehow over the years I grew up and had my own babies. But she's still my mom. And I'm still her baby. And there is no amount of time that could change that.

So I've got all I need for surgery on Tuesday! A great doctor, a positive attitude and my mama. Ready, set, Go!


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