The power of SEVEN

Sunday, June 2, 2013

What's seven? Seems like a relatively small number. But it's huge when it refers to lives. 7 lives. That's how many people (that I'm aware of) have been diagnosed with some form of skin cancer because of my story. They heard my story and got their skin checked just to be safe. Their whole life changed because of that. 

These 7 people are the whole reason I started this blog. To make people aware. I never understood how serious skin cancer was until that horrible day I sat in the doctors office. I waited too long. There were so many signs and I ignored them all. So if I'm going to have this awful cancer I wanted to make sure I did everything in my power to educate people on skin cancer. It's not "just" skin cancer. It is a aggressive, fast spreading and preventable cancer.

I have had so many friends and family go get checked recently. Bravo to all of you. It makes me so proud when people ask me about sun screens, or tell me they've stopped tanning, or tell me they got a skin check. Thank you for making my battle not be in vain. Thank you for taking me seriously. 

You don't have to be a recluse. You can go out and enjoy the sun. Just be sun smart. Not sun stupid. One word my friends... Sun screen. Take charge. Be smart. Educate yourself. 

... And if you don't... Well I will see if you can get a room next to me at the hospital for chemo. Cuz that's where you have a HUGE chance of ending up. And no matter what you think, not even a tan makes chemo look good. 


Carol Soules said...

I found your blogs while searching for the owner of a wedding band engraved: "Chase and Vanessa." A couple of years ago you posted about a couple getting married with these names.
Any chance one of them (Chase?) lost their wedding band at the speedway in Westfield, Mass?
If so my email is

Best wishes on your health,

Carol Soules said...

Sorry, make that the speedway in Westfield, IN
(I'm in Mass. but the person who found the ring is in IN


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