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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm not sure that I have enough words to describe my distaste for insurance scams companies. When we finally got insurance in December I was elated. I had no idea what a headache it was going to turn in to. When you're going through cancer, you have the weight of the world sitting on your shoulders. Throw insurance into the pot and suddenly you're fighting more than just cancer. You shouldn't have to explain to them why 3 more years matter. Anyone with half a heart should get it. I find it ridiculous that my oncologist says, "let's do this." And my insurance company says, "No." And that's the end of it. Why should they have the last say? They shouldn't. Insurance companies are what's wrong with America's Health Care. I could go on and on.. but I will stop. :)

So now we appeal and wait. If we get another denial, we will pursue other options of getting the treatment I want. All I know is I'm not giving up. I will not let some bully of an insurance company stop me from getting my best shot at living. 

Obviously, this all means I haven't started treatment yet. What a roller coaster. It is mentally and emotionally exhausting to prepare for something like this just to be told no at the last minute. It takes soooo much planning to have me go into the hospital for 5 days. So when the denial came in Friday at the very LAST MINUTE, I was needless to say... pretty upset. Jerks. Seriously. 

I will get to be here for Kynzee's birthday though. (Yay!) Because we had thought I'd be in treatment this week, we actually celebrated early.. but I will at least get to squeeze her and kiss her that day in person. 

When I was diagnosed with cancer I knew I was in for a fight. I just didn't realize how many things I would have to fight besides cancer. It's pretty unfair. 

Moving on now... Here's to hoping for a positive outcome from the appeal and we can get this ball rolling. Waiting is the WORST.


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