Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Today I got to cuddle with a little baby for a while. I snuggled her close, I breathed in her wonderful baby smell and I soaked in her innocence. Just what I needed on a day like today.

When she saw me she didn't flinch or act grossed out. She just smiled. And that's all I needed. Nothing like a sweet baby straight from heaven to put things in perspective.

Right now I am missing my own babies terribly. I am so very thankful that my inlaws were willing to take them so I could lay in bed and do nothing... But my mom heart sure does find it hard to be away from them. They are the very reason for my existence and they could not possibly be more loved than they are.

But they'll be back soon. And the house will once again be filled with fighting, and tattling and scattered toys. And I will once again be ready to pull my hair out and just want a nap :)

And that's the moment I will try to remember tonight. When I held sweet baby Finley in my arms and felt so close to heaven. And I could think of nothing more than kissing my own sweet babies on the head and whispering goodnight. How lucky I am to be a mother. I have so much to fight for.


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