Saturday, November 24, 2012

This year I wanted a Charlie Brown tree. Tiny. Simple. Humble. I guess I wanted it to reflect how I'm feeling this year.

Danny was not thrilled by my choice of tree. I think he's coming around to it though. ;)

As I was decorating the house my mind was wandering to things it usually doesn't at this time of year, but probably should. Things like gratitude for simple things like the many dinners that friends have brought in. Gratitude for big things too. Like answered prayers. Danny has obviously not been working tons and money has been extremely tight. The night before the surgery a package was left on our door with $70 worth of gold dollar coins in it. Just enough to pay for gas to get to SLC and back. I have no clue who left that, but they answered a prayer I had been praying all day. I am so humbled.

Gratitude for things like amazing friends and family who have gathered around me in ways I never knew possible through all this.

Gratitude for the kind words, the helping hands and the kindness. Never in my life have I been the recipient of so much kindness. Once again, I am humbled.

So as I sit and look at my tiny tree it reminds me of how I am one small person part of Heavenly Fathers big plan. And this year Christmas means a whole lot more to me. I'm more concerned with the feeling than what's under the tree.

I pray my kids can feel it. That they will one day look back and remember these holidays and what they brought to our family. So much love. We were humbled. We were scared. We were stressed. But we were happy.

May we never forget.


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