Goodbye stitches!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Today is the day! Stitches come out.. All one gazillion of them. We also get the results about my lymph nodes. So all things crossed!

Excuse my face in this picture. I couldn't figure out what to do with my face in it when I'm taking a picture of the side of my face. When I smiled I looked like a creeper, when I was serious I looked mad and when I made a funny face I looked like a nut job. So I went with duck face. I know I have many friends and family who will harass me over this. But please people... I have cancer on my face. I get a free pass for duck face. ;)

Say prayers! Good news! Positive thoughts! Let it be gone!

<3 to you all!

Ps. I added the smiling picture just to prove it to you. Total creeper. Duck face wins.

Pss. Still very sad about my shaved hair. It will grow back someday... Right? :(


Shari U said...

Duck face is fine and creeper face is fine; you're beautiful both ways, even with a gazillion stitches. I'm praying for you that you get good news today.

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